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Tanya Kovacs, CNC

Tribute To My Mom

Pure and Balanced would not exist if it weren’t for the love & amazing support of my mom. 

My journey into the world of health began with her, and more specifically as a child, right from birth.  The type of health I’m speaking of, however, is not the tangible kind one might think.  Yes, my mom was highly qualified in the field of health and wellness with 35+ years as a Registered Nurse under her belt, as well as being a Reiki Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Health & Wellness Coach and consulting others as an Environmental Practitioner.  Without a doubt my mom inspired me (and so many others!) with her knowledge in so many areas.  She was the one who helped me build this very business from the ground up.  However, the type of health I’m speaking about is the kindness and compassion she lived every day.  The type of wellness she first taught me was by living a life of abundance, regardless of circumstance. As we all know life can throw some pretty serious curve balls.  Among other challenges, sadly, my mom & our family was thrown one of them in May 2015 when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast and Liver Cancer.  She passed in June 2015.  Even with her grim diagnosis, and as far back as I can recall, I always remember my mom emphasizing the importance of “sitting in the place of something bigger and greater than yourself.”  She was fearless.  My mom was a champion at maintaining the health of her spirit despite what was thrown at her.  In her last moments, I will never forget her courage & strength.  Her devotion was undying to the ones she loved and her enthusiasm for life was contagious, as it always had been.  Not many people get written up in the New York Times with the headline reading: “Mr. Roger’s Would Be Jealous!”, and not have something infectious about them!  Although I’m forever grateful to my mom for raising us on organic food, teaching us about a proper diet and supplementation as well as opening our mind to alternative methods of medicine ~ it is the intangible that I thank her for the most.  I know the same essence that lit up the room whenever she entered it, is the same positive light that is lighting up Heaven now.  She has left the world a healthier place.

A Mom's Love

In honor of my mom, I would like to share

my mom’s own guide (in her words) to healthy living

Life's Little Instruction Book